Modernize Your Mid Century Modern Home

The midcentury modern look in architecture is not for everyone, but studies show that the look is as popular now as when the futuristic homes were first breaking the mold back in the late 1940’s into the 1960’s in America.  Post-World War II, people flocked to the suburbs as G.I.s cashed in their benefits and bought homes to start families.  They wanted something as different from their parent’s generation as they could get.  Until that time, the bungalow, a traditional home style in India – hence the name – was very popular.  The arts and crafts style was a frequent choice of those who wanted a home that pushed back against the industrial age.   Midcentury modern spoke to the future, to space exploration – to infinity and beyond.

An interesting way to look at the change in the structure and layout of these three styles is to look at the amount of space allotted to closets.   Bungalows and arts and craft homes had reach in closets, which were small and functioned to hold the few possessions the average working-class family owned.  The new mid-century home design had spacious reach-in and walk-in closets, while homes built today have even more.   Let’s put it this way, if you were to shop LOFT, it would take about one-fourth of what you’d buy today, to fill a closet built 100 years ago during the arts and crafts period.  But, if you were to use a Groupon today, you could easily save money on all your purchases and fill up the closets in your home today.  That’s because Groupon takes as much as 50% off select merchandise and even more when you unlock exclusive codes for deals, and many are good online and instore.

Today, modern touches like temperature controlled closets with whole sections designated to shoes alone is one of the key selling points of a new home.  A walk-in closet is typically as large as a child’s bedroom in a New York apartment was at the turn of the century, and the trend for more square footage is continuing to grow.  Yesteryear’s built in gadgets like mixers, inter-com systems that piped music throughout the house and other space age touches have given way to remote controlled security, wireless entertainment and social media hubs.  But the basic design of the mid-century modern home will keep its hold on the imagination of the American public – to infinity and beyond.


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